A data type for a custom field. The CustomFieldType determines the data types used in the generated database columns and GraphQL fields as follows (key: m = MySQL, p = Postgres, s = SQLite):

Type DB type GraphQL type
string varchar String
localeString varchar String
text longtext(m), text(p,s) String
localText longtext(m), text(p,s) String
int int Int
float double precision Float
boolean tinyint (m), bool (p), boolean (s) Boolean
datetime datetime (m,s), timestamp (p) DateTime
relation many-to-one / many-to-many relation As specified in config

Additionally, the CustomFieldType also dictates which configuration options are available for that custom field.


type CustomFieldType = | 'string'
    | 'localeString'
    | 'int'
    | 'float'
    | 'boolean'
    | 'datetime'
    | 'relation'
    | 'text'
    | 'localeText'