A VendureConfig object used for e2e tests. This configuration uses sqljs as the database and configures some special settings which are optimized for e2e tests:

  • entityIdStrategy: new TestingEntityIdStrategy() This ID strategy uses auto-increment IDs but encodes all IDs to be prepended with the string 'T_', so ID 1 becomes 'T_1'.
  • logger: new NoopLogger() Do no output logs by default
  • assetStorageStrategy: new TestingAssetStorageStrategy() This strategy does not actually persist any binary data to disk.
  • assetPreviewStrategy: new TestingAssetPreviewStrategy() This strategy is a no-op.


By default, the testConfig does not output any log messages. This is most desirable to keep a clean CI output. However, for debugging purposes, it can make it hard to figure out why tests fail.

You can enable default logging behaviour with the environment variable LOG:

LOG=true yarn e2e