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The AssetNamingStrategy determines how file names are generated based on the uploaded source file name, as well as how to handle naming conflicts.


This is configured via the assetOptions.assetNamingStrategy property of your VendureConfig.

interface AssetNamingStrategy extends InjectableStrategy {
generateSourceFileName(ctx: RequestContext, originalFileName: string, conflictFileName?: string): string;
generatePreviewFileName(ctx: RequestContext, sourceFileName: string, conflictFileName?: string): string;


(ctx: RequestContext, originalFileName: string, conflictFileName?: string) => string

Given the original file name of the uploaded file, generate a file name to be stored on the server. Operations like normalization and time-stamping can be performed in this method.

The output will be checked for a naming conflict with an existing file. If a conflict exists, this method will be invoked again with the second argument passed in and a new, unique file name should then be generated. This process will repeat until a unique file name has been returned.


(ctx: RequestContext, sourceFileName: string, conflictFileName?: string) => string

Given the source file name generated in the generateSourceFileName method, this method should generate the file name of the preview image.

The same mechanism of checking for conflicts is used as described above.