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The DefaultSearchPlugin provides a full-text Product search based on the full-text searching capabilities of the underlying database.

The DefaultSearchPlugin is bundled with the @vendure/core package. If you are not using an alternative search plugin, then make sure this one is used, otherwise you will not be able to search products via the search query.


Note that the quality of the fulltext search capabilities varies depending on the underlying database being used. For example, the MySQL & Postgres implementations will typically yield better results than the SQLite implementation.


import { DefaultSearchPlugin, VendureConfig } from '@vendure/core';

export const config: VendureConfig = {
// Add an instance of the plugin to the plugins array
plugins: [
indexStockStatus: true,
bufferUpdates: true,
class DefaultSearchPlugin implements OnApplicationBootstrap, OnApplicationShutdown {
static options: DefaultSearchPluginInitOptions = {};
init(options: DefaultSearchPluginInitOptions) => Type<DefaultSearchPlugin>;
  • Implements: OnApplicationBootstrap, OnApplicationShutdown