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This strategy defines health checks which are included as part of the /health endpoint. They should only be used to monitor critical systems on which proper functioning of the Vendure server depends.

For more information on the underlying mechanism, see the NestJS Terminus module docs.

Custom strategies should be added to the systemOptions.healthChecks array. By default, Vendure includes the TypeORMHealthCheckStrategy, so if you set the value of the healthChecks array, be sure to include it manually.

Vendure also ships with the HttpHealthCheckStrategy, which is convenient for adding a health check dependent on an HTTP ping.


This is configured via the systemOptions.healthChecks property of your VendureConfig.


import { HttpHealthCheckStrategy, TypeORMHealthCheckStrategy } from '@vendure/core';
import { MyCustomHealthCheckStrategy } from './config/custom-health-check-strategy';

export const config = {
// ...
systemOptions: {
healthChecks: [
new TypeORMHealthCheckStrategy(),
new HttpHealthCheckStrategy({ key: 'my-service', url: '' }),
new MyCustomHealthCheckStrategy(),
interface HealthCheckStrategy extends InjectableStrategy {
getHealthIndicator(): HealthIndicatorFunction;


() => HealthIndicatorFunction

Should return a HealthIndicatorFunction, as defined by the NestJS Terminus module.