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An optional method which is used to decide whether to run the check() function. Returns a JSON-compatible object which is cached and compared between calls. If the value is the same, then the check() function is not called.

Use of this function is an optimization technique which can be useful when the check() function is expensive and should be kept to an absolute minimum.


const optimizedChecker = new ShippingEligibilityChecker({
code: 'example',
description: [],
args: {},
check: async (ctx, order) => {
// some slow, expensive function here
shouldRunCheck: (ctx, order) => {
// Will only run the `check()` function any time
// the shippingAddress object has changed.
return order.shippingAddress;
type ShouldRunCheckFn<T extends ConfigArgs> = (
ctx: RequestContext,
order: Order,
args: ConfigArgValues<T>,
method: ShippingMethod,
) => Json | Promise<Json>