Collections allow you to group ProductVariants together by various criteria. A typical use of Collections is to create a hierarchical category tree which can be used in a navigation menu in your storefront.

Populating Collections

Collections are dynamic, which means that you define a set of rules, and Vendure will automatically populate the Collection with ProductVariants according to those rules.

The rules are defined by filters. A Collection can define multiple filters, for example:

  • Include all ProductVariants with a certain FacetValue
  • Include all ProductVariants whose name includes the word “sale”

Nesting Collections

Collections can be nested inside one another, as many levels deep as needed.

When populating a nested Collection, its own filters plus the filters of all Collections above it are used to calculate the contents.

Public vs Private Collections

A Collection can be made private, meaning that it will not be available in the storefront. This can be useful when you need to organize your inventory for internal purposes.