Promotions are a means of offering discounts on an order based on various criteria. A Promotion consists of conditions and actions.

  • conditions are the rules which determine whether the Promotion should be applied to the order.
  • actions specify exactly how this Promotion should modify the order.

Promotion Conditions

A condition defines the criteria that must be met for the Promotion to be activated. Vendure comes with some simple conditions provided which enable things like:

  • If the order total is at least $X
  • Buy at least X of a certain product
  • But at least X of any product with the specified FacetValues
  • If the customer is a member of the specified Customer Group

Vendure allows completely custom conditions to be defined by your developers, implementing the specific logic needed by your business.

Coupon codes

A coupon code can be any text which will activate a Promotion. A coupon code can be used in conjunction with conditions if desired.

Note: Promotions must have either a coupon code or at least 1 condition defined.

Promotion Actions

If all the defined conditions pass (or if the specified coupon code is used), then the actions are performed on the order. Vendure comes with some commonly-used actions which allow promotions like:

  • Discount the whole order by a fixed amount
  • Discount the whole order by a percentage
  • Discount selected products by a percentage
  • Free shipping

Coupon code per-customer limit

If a per-customer limit is specified, then the specified coupon code may only be used that many times by a single Customer. For guest checkouts, the “same customer” status is determined by the email address used when checking out.