Draft Orders

Note: Draft Orders are available from Vendure v1.8+

Draft Orders are used when an Administrator would like to manually create an order via the Admin UI. For example, this can be useful when:

  • A customer phones up to place an order
  • A customer wants to place an order in person
  • You want to create an order on behalf of a customer, e.g. for a quote.
  • When testing Promotions

To create a Draft Order, click the “Create draft order” button from the Order List view.

From there you can:

  • Add ProductVariants to the Order using the search input marked “Add item to order”
  • Optionally activate coupon codes to trigger Promotions
  • Set the customer, shipping and billing addresses
  • Select the shipping method

Once ready, click the “Complete draft” button to convert this Order from a Draft into a regular Order. At this stage the order can be paid for, and you can manually record the payment details.

Note: Draft Orders do not appear in a Customer’s order history in the storefront (Shop API) while still in the “Draft” state.