Getting Started


  • Node.js v16 or above, with support for even-numbered Node.js versions.
  • The supported TypeScript version is set upon installation. Upgrading to a newer version of TypeScript might result in compilation errors.
  • If you want to use MySQL, MariaDB, or Postgres as your data store, then you’ll need an instance available locally. However, if you are just testing out Vendure, we recommend using SQLite, which has no external requirements.

Installation with @vendure/create

The recommended way to get started with Vendure is by using the @vendure/create tool. This is a command-line tool which will scaffold and configure your new Vendure project and install all dependencies.

npx @vendure/create my-app

npx comes with npm 5.2+ and higher.

npm init @vendure my-app

npm init <initializer> is available in npm 6+

yarn create @vendure my-app

yarn create is available in Yarn 0.25+

For other installation options see the @vendure/create documentation.

“my-app” in the above command would be replaced by whatever you’d like to name your new project. Vendure Create will guide you through the setup. When done, you can run:

cd my-app

yarn dev
# or
npm run dev

Assuming the default config settings, you can now access:

Log in with the superadmin credentials you specified, which default to:

  • username: superadmin
  • password: superadmin

Next Steps