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The Vendure CLI is a command-line tool for boosting your productivity as a developer.

Currently, it provides functionality for rapidly scaffolding a new plugin, and in future we will be expanding the capabilities to include other common tasks.


The Vendure CLI package was introduced with Vendure v2.1.0


You can install the CLI locally in your Vendure project, or you can run it without installation using npx. The advantage of installing locally is that you can more easily control the installed version, and you can reference the CLI using the vendure command.

npm install -D @vendure/cli

# or

yarn add -D @vendure/cli

and then from your project directory you can run:

vendure --version

Running without installation

If you want to use the Vendure CLI without installing it in your project, you can run

npx @vendure/cli --version

Scaffold a new plugin

The Vendure CLI can be used to quickly scaffold a new plugin.

  1. Navigate to your plugins directory
    cd src/plugins
  2. Run the new plugin command
    vendure new plugin
  3. Answer the questions to configure your new plugin

Plugin creation flow